Recycled Computers & Mentoring Programme - RCMP


P.O. Box 56NS

Cayman Islands

About Us

The RCMP - Recycled Computers & Mentoring Programme is a registered non-profit corporation located in the Cayman Islands. Staffed by retirees and volunteers the group solicits no cash donations, nor pays any salaries. Our workspace and utilities are donated and our staff is all volunteer.

We provide training in computer repair by recycling computer systems donated by companies and individuals. The program includes job training for volunteers, low security prison inmates and young offenders, as well as school leavers. With adequate training and continued volunteer experience, industry recognized certification (A+/Net+) can be achieved. Completed computer systems are distributed to other non-profits and needy individuals.

We are in need of donations of legitimate O/S and software licenses as we have no funds to make such purchases.