Garry Brown for County Commissioner Precinct Two

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825 W. 11th St
PMB 118
United States

About Us

From the very beginning of this campaign, we have been stressing the need of moving Travis County forward by modernizing government with fresh and innovative ideas. Our campaign was created to elect Garry Brown to County Commissioner Precinct Two.

Garry is the only person who has the experience and expertiese to achieve better county government for all of the citizens of Travis County.

But our campaign isnt just about getting votes. Our campaign also has a stated mission of making the community a better place. We have a group of volunteers that's puropose is to go out into the community, at neighborhood associations and non-profits and volunteer our time to help them achieve their mission. During these times we do not campaign or politik, we just do what all elected officials should do: make the communities they serve a better place.