Centre for Family Life Education,Ghana

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About Us

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES a. To Promote and Provide Family Life Education.

b. To promote Marriage, Parenting and Social Responsibility.

c. To strengthen marriage and family by supporting and training family life educators.

d. To provide health education of family interest (Sexual transmitted diseases ,diabetes, stroke, hypertension, smoking and alcohol related issues ETC)

e. To provide motivational, emotional, strategic support for the youth to succeed in life.


• To make family life education easily accessible to all.

• Is to improve the quality of marriage relationships and family life, for adults and children alike.

• One of our most important goals is for our clients and audiences enjoy a healthy family life and a every satisfying premarital and marriage life.

• To make premarital counseling in various religious setups a well organized one with a working curriculum.

• Is to see family life education programmes well inculcated in church and other religious activities.


We are challenged to organize and raise awareness of programs and services available to individuals and couples at every stage of pre-marriage and marriage with a mind to strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate.


• We believe marriage is an ordained institution of God and a special loving relationship between a man and a woman who have committed themselves to each other for life. • We believe everyone can enjoy a healthy and loving marriage and family life.

• We believe that marriage orders our society and must be upheld.

• We also believe that healthy families are the cornerstone of society.

• We strive to be culturally relevant in all that we communicate without compromising God's truth.

• We are committed to exemplifying integrity in all of our efforts.


• Volunteers shall be the backbone of the organizations human resource. They shall assist in all programmes of the organization.

• Volunteers shall be mainly family life Educators, students or trainees.


• Singles Conference/Seminars • Marriage Life Education Programmes • Counseling Services(Premarital & marital) • Health Education Programmes • Family and Youth Training Programmes • Research


Long Term Goals

1. To build a family life education complex and resource centre

2. To run a family life education radio programme in all ten regions of the country

3. To acquire the accreditation to run a certified family life educators programme.


The principal office of the organization is located on the first floor of the AY House Tema, near Community Eight Market in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.