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About Us

The purpose of Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School is to prepare students from low-income families for success in college and beyond.

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School is a private, Catholic, college preparatory high school for low-income students of all faiths. It is the 25th school within the Cristo Rey Network and the first in the Philadelphia region. Doors opened to the first class of 124 freshmen on August 13, 2012.

Cristo Rey High Schools are unique in two ways: 1) they serve only students from low-income families and 2) those students work to help pay for the cost of their education. Students work one day each week (five days/month) at paid, professional internships that the school secures for them. Cristo Rey students are working at banks, hospitals, law firms, universities, insurance companies, and other businesses. Income from the Work-Study Program covers approximately 60% of the cost of each student's education with the balance coming from benefactors (30%) and modest tuition payments based on each families ability to pay (10%).

The Work-Study Program does much more than help students pay for their education. They learn important life skills such as collaboration, communication, and paying attention to detail. They gain self-confidence and an understanding of what it means to be a professional. And they see what kinds of positions and responsibilities are available to people with college degrees. The Work-Study Program helps students make connections between the classroom and the business world and motivates them to go to college.

Last year, 100% of Cristo Rey graduates were accepted to college and 85% were enrolled in the fall. Better yet, Cristo Rey graduates persist in college at rates higher than the national average and double that of their socioeconomic peers.

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