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About Us

50in10 is a cross-sector partnership that builds on the progress made over the last decade to increase both the demand for and supply of sustainable seafood. Restoring 50 percent of the world's fisheries in 10 years is a bold challenge, calling on all of us to make more progress, more quickly, in more places – and we believe that the most effective way forward is to bring a wider range of players together to collaborate strategically. To do this, 50in10

will serve as:

• A network connecting fishermen, governments, industry, funders, and conservation and development NGOs that are actively working to address challenges in fisheries. 50in10 participants contribute their diverse skills and approaches in concert to restore fisheries and the communities that depend on them. We aim to leverage capital from foundations, multilateral agencies, and for-profit investors to ensure that social, environmental, and economic impacts are lasting and self-sustaining.

• A laboratory for rapidly testing and strengthening the most promising approaches and tools that address key challenges impacting the health of fisheries. We are also developing tools for financing the rebuilding of fisheries and empowering fishermen to manage the resources they depend on, among others.

• An accelerator for scaling the approaches proven to work best so that more industry leaders, governments, and local communities around the world can restore fisheries quickly and effectively.