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About Us

Jacaranda Health's mission is to change the way that maternity care is provided in Africa. We are combining business and clinical innovations to create a self-sustaining and scalable chain of clinics that provide reproductive health services to poor urban women. Our goal is to become the largest provider of affordable maternity care in the region, and a laboratory for innovation in maternal health. We are proving the concept in Nairobi with two clinics, then aim to scale up to 25 clinics in cities across East Africa over the next five years. To date, we have built a world-class team, developed critical partnerships and support within Kenya, sparked the interest of the global maternal health community, and received awards for our business model. We have launched our first mobile clinic and are about to go live with our fixed clinic. Our model of care has been exceptionally well-received by our customers. For more detail, please visit our website www.jacarandahealth.org or our blog, blog.jacarandahealth.org.