Tenants & Workers United

  • VA


3801 Mt. Vernon Ave.
United States

About Us

Tenants & Workers United (formerly the Tenants' & Workers' Support Committee) is a democratically-controlled, grassroots organization committed to winning social and economic justice and power for the people of Northern Virginia – Latinos/as, African Americans, tenants, immigrants, workers, women, youth and low-income people. We build power by:

1) Organizing low-income communities and workers by forming both geographic and workforce-sector based chapters.

2) Challenging racism and sexism through education and direct action.

3) Deepening our political analysis and awareness – developing community leaders.

4) Creating campaigns and coalitions to win social change.

5) Cooperatively controlling community resources

Over the past twenty years, TWU has won over $100 million in community benefits, including living wage jobs, community ownership and control of housing and other resources, innovative public education programs, expanded uninsured access to health care, and youth after-school resources.