Laskeek Bay Conservation Society

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3207 Wharf St., Unit 2
PO Box 867
Queen Charlotte
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About Us

It all started around a campfire back in 1989 when Dr. Tony Gaston of the Canadian Wildlife Service was talking to some local friends about the end of his six-year research project on Reef Island studying Ancient Murrelets. A handful of people were intrigued by this work, and realized there was a need for long-term monitoring of a specific species that would go on for 25 years or more. Such a project would be important to understanding the dynamic interactions between ocean and forest. An idea developed on how to carry on Dr. Gaston’s work and grew into a vision of an opportunity to involve local people and visitors as volunteers in a long-term monitoring project. Volunteers would be given training in scientific field techniques and by their participation, learn more about the ecology of the Laskeek Bay area.

Today, our mission is: 

  • To undertake and support research and long term monitoring of wildlife populations of Haida Gwaii
  • To provide opportunities for non-scientists to participate as volunteers in our field programs, and to offer training to impart necessary field research skills.
  • To promote better understanding of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Haida Gwaii by providing information in the form of publications, meetings and exhibits
  • To promote the conservation of native species and develop public awareness of the changes caused by introduced species to Haida Gwaii.
  • To support other programs aimed at providing better knowledge, management and conservation of ecosystems in Haida Gwaii.