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About Us

Campus Tec is an international complex for innovation located in Guatemala, Central America. It is the first technology park in the region and it is considered that it can become the “Silicon Valley” of Guatemala.

It was created in 2008, its legal framework allows clients to work freely in designing and building facilities that best fit their style and needs. Its design is based on international standards and is rapidly becoming the innovation center of the northern part of Central America.

Its strategic location in Central America, as well as its economic advantages, makes Campus Tec the best option for investors and entrepreneurs in the region.

The Park is located in the center of the city in zone 4 in area known as “Cuatro Grados Norte” that is part of the technology corridor the local government is implementing in the city.

It currently includes over 100 high-tech local companies that mostly have been doing business overseas mainly in the United States, Europe and other countries in Latin America.

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala has been traditionally a country with world-class information and telecommunication infrastructure. Our prices in communications, availability of highly qualified personnel in technology and its preferential location in regards to access to the biggest markets of technology in the world, are some of the country’s competitive advantage.

It is a central point for all the main Central, South and North American markets, (35 million consumers) and offers all of the amenities of any big city in the world but without the congestion and high cost of living, including an excellent climate all year round.

Additional information about Guatemala’s location, advantages and laws for international investment and business development can be reviewed at:

Strategic Alliances

The park has currently established strategic alliances with leader organizations that are generating opportunities. Our campus hosts the technology center for Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala which is one of the best high-tech universities in the region.

It has also made alliances with financing institutions, chambers, associations and local and international government institutions or agencies related to the high-tech sector. The campus also has access to all the major international technology firms and brands in the world via its hosted companies,.

Campus Tec is also endorsed by the government by collaborating with the Competitivity agenda for the Guatemalan government.