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About Us

The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM) represents over five (5) million Canadians identified as a member of a visible minority group, accounting for 16.2% of the total population.

The FAAVM Canada works at the national, federal, local, municipal levels to secure civil rights, to establish socio-economic development resources to visible minorities of Canada, and to reduce poverty within their communities, as well as protecting visible minority`s children`s rights, inclusively the advancement of women.

To reduce poverty and encourage economic growth within visible minorities. The debate on globalization and the fights against racism and discrimination only serve to increase awareness about how much is at stake in social development. Our goals are ambitious: to improve the quality of life and extend economic benefits and empowerment broadly throughout civil societies and minority communities. Now we are seeking a growing consensus from both governments and wealthier communities across the country and a renewed commitment on the part of national and international civil communities and governments to collaborate and harmonize the many efforts under way.

The different organs, agencies and bodies of the FAAVM are involved in nearly every aspect of human rights, civil rights and human development, with activities ranging from economic development and advancement, legislative research projects, global partnership and trade, to financial and technical assistance from governments and private enterprises. The FAAVM plays an important supporting role as developing Canadian visible minority communities shape, and implement their strategies to reduce poverty and stimulate growth. We also place a high priority on communicating knowledge about development.

Through its institutions, organs, bodies and agencies, the FAAVM works tirelessly to establish specific mechanisms nationally and internationally, bringing a mixture of socio economic and human rights programmes aiming to improving living standards and eliminating inequities among and within disadvantaged communities.