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About Us

NHP Foundation is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to provide quality, affordable, rental housing and resident services for low- and moderate-income families. NHP Foundation enriches lives through Operation Pathways, a multifaceted program, designed to deliver services for children and families of residents and members of the surrounding communities.

Operation Pathways consists of three components called Pathways. In each of these three pathways components, Operation Pathways offers a variety of programs and services that provide opportunities for residents to improve their lives. The focus on opportunities is central to Operation Pathways' approach to services. Operation Pathways develops programming that is engaging and highly motivational, allowing residents to choose participation. When participants choose a programmatic "pathway" to advance and enrich their own lives, it is more likely that authentic positive outcomes occur.

Operation Pathways services three components are as follows:

1.) Pathway to Academic Achievement: focuses on a variety of programs that promote academic success and lifelong learning.

2.) Pathway to Healthy Living: promotes activities and lifestyles that lead to physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing for individuals and communities.

3.) Pathway to Financial Stability: is designed to provide the skills and knowledge that empower participants to make informed and effective decisions with their finances to increase income, decrease expenses, and build assets.