Long Branch Environmental Education Center

  • NC


278 Boyd Cove Rd.
POB 369
United States

About Us

Long Branch is about CEDARS: Conservation, Earth Honoring Education, Ecology, Energy, Design, Demonstration, Advocacy, Research, Restoration and Sustainability. We honor the traditional wisdom and healing traditions of indigenous peoples, and seek to reconnect 2-leggeds with Sacred Life in Harmony with Nature. We conserve over 1635 acres of Southern Appalachian mountain forest as an ecological sanctuary and wildlife habitat preserve. Several acres are managed in a Permaculture design of small scale organic gardens, crops, berries, orchards, and rainbow trout aquaculture in an integrated edible landscape. We design and build passive solar buildings, greenhouses, hot water systems, solar cookers, and micro-hydropower systems. Our solar composting toilets process pookie into premier pathogen-free soil amendment! Sustainability is growing!