Black Youth United Nigeria

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About Us

The aims and objective which is the goals of Black Youth United Nigeria are as follow:

1. Making youth in Nigeria and blacks in diaspora to be aware of their culture and not to be dominated by the western culture and we plan to do that by organizing Africa oriented theatre dramas and productions which we had only don e few yet, we are working on a new one but still not sure if the Dance troupe will perform yet, still negotiating.

2. To learn more about the history of blacks in diaspora; especailly what they experianced in diffrent part of the world wher ethey found themselves through servitude or indentured labour, to know the kind of adaptation they went thruough to became what they were today an dto better ther elots and concern about Africa as a continent and oe major step we have taken toward this is by taking children of primary school to some slave centers in Lagos, the badagry slave trade centre were million sof our brother, fathers were taken away, we still plan to hav esom emore trips and contributions and we are planing to bring in history lecturers who focus on the Afro-America history fro universities seminars very soon.

3. Another area we would love the comunity and school to benefit from the is the BYU programms is to assist student, (specail and screened) who are not too fortunate in terms of finance and scholarhip to help them in there schools and works.

4. To instal leadership qualities in our youth in order to save our father land( Africa) from second slavery.

5. To create more awareness and education on AIDS which is fast spreading among youth in Africa. This is an important issue we ned to address in the continent, we here of the artist of southafrica trying to reduce the spread and othe rthings in the continents, BYU Nigeria wants to do more and participate in this especailly sinmce we are mostly students and we operate in a university enviroments and University of Lagos is the university you fond in Nigeria with very high social and wild life adn we BYU haevteh fear of student, we need support to acheive our aims on this

6. To discourage youth from engaging in anti-socila vices like drugs aduse, criminal activities, cultism etc and the most prominent of them all Internet scam adn we are palning to lauch a campaing againt this. It is a very rampant crime going on in the continent and i know from research that Nigeria youth 17-30 are those responsble for this act and mostly student of universities and polytechnics. We have to stop this and that we are working on seriously