Center for Research in Emotional and Social Health

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About Us

CRESH is a non-profit organization working to improve the emotional and social health of children, adolescents and adults around the world.

A good emotional and social skill set forms the foundation for all we do - from learning in school, to forming and maintaining friendships, to making positive contributions to society. Absent these important skills, children are more likely to be isolated and picked on, have a higher frequency of behavior problems, suffer from low-self esteem, and perform poorly in school. Lack of proper social and emotional development in adolescents and adults is linked to obesity, eating disorders, violence and alcohol and drug abuse.

The good news is that emotional and social skills, like any other set of skills, can be taught and learned. CRESH conducts research in these areas to develop interventions, online games and assessment tools that are easy to use, engaging and highly effective. CRESH also works with foundations, schools, and community agencies to bring existing evidence-based interventions to those in need.