Changing Mentalities And Empowering Groups Through Small Business Initiative----

About Us

We mobilise and source for funds ,material, and farmtools to assist the rural poor and disaster victims especially women. We provide skills through training and workshops after which income generating projects are initiated for beneficiaries. WE organise literacy and numeracy classes for the rural poor. WE mobilise and sensitise women on their basic rights concerning harmful cultural practices such as, female genital mutilation, education of the girlchild,widowhood, etc. WE renovate health centers,and mobilise basic health equipments and drugs to equip centers in the rural arears. We mobilise used clothing, utencils, farmtools, machines, computers etc to assist schools and farmers in enclaved areas. WE assist rural farmers to form cooperatives through which they can sell their produce at fair prices. We help expose the poor to information and new technology through networking, exchange visits and participation in seminars.

We source for funds and material resources and onlend or donate to the rural poor, orphans, disaster victims,etc

We provide skills through training and initiate income generating projects for beneficiaries.

We provide health education,literacy classes,and help renovate or equip health centers in rural communities.

We Mobilise used materials,clothing, and farm tools for the poorest in rural communities.etc

WE mobilise and sensitise women on their rights on harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, widowhood,education of the girlchild,etc.

We encourage women to form cooperatives and assist them locate markets.