Living Hope Wheelchair Association

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9500 Westview
Suite 104
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About Us

Living Hope is a community based nonprofit organization founded by people with spinal cord injuries. The majority of our members are not entitled to benefits, lack medical insurance, and do not have a stable
source of income. We provide services to our members and engage in community advocacy to achieve our goals.

In the year 2005 Harris County Hospital District decided to stop providing necessary medical supplies to people with spinal cord
injury that were non Medicaid eligible, as a result our group was born.
For more than 10 years we have committed our energy and our talents to provide medical supplies and equipment to those
who need it and to change policies that exclude our communities. We have an active membership of more than a hundred people with spinal cord injuries and their families.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of persons with spinal cord
injury or disease. We work to improve equity in access to services, promote inclusion of people with disabilities,
foster independence, enhance mobility and demand equality.

Our Programs focus on improving the quality of life of our members and families by responding to our needs for survival and by addressing the root causes of those needs.

Monthly Distribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment to make sure each one of our members has what he/she needs to live well and with dignity.

Transportation Support with MetroLift tickets or cards for gas.

Quality of Life Promoters: Trains our members on how to help themselves and others on issues such as:
• Accompaniment and Spirituality
• Self-Care
• Access to Health Services
• Mobility and Transportation
• Communication
• Family Support
• Education
• Culture and Recreation

Policy Advocacy: Using a Human Rights framework we join our allies to advocate for policies that respect our rights and to change those that deny us access to services or marginalize our communities. We organize for systemic change and to promote laws that respect our rights as persons with disabilities, immigrants and workers.

Together we can build a stronger and healthier community!