School for Integrated Academics and Technologies (SIATech)

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About Us

SIATech is a fully-accredited, award-winning network of public charter high schools that focuses on dropout recovery. Highly qualified teachers provide small group instruction and individual assistance as students work at an appropriate pace through the classroom-based curricula. SIATech provides a positive culture where the staff believes in the students and the students want to learn. Rather than seeing its population as at-risk, SIATech concentrates on each student's individual strengths and believes all students are "at-promise" of success. SIATech provides Real Learning for Real Life. The school seeks to ensure all graduates are well-prepared for whatever it is they choose to do - whether it is the workplace or higher education.

School Locations: 14 high schools on Job Corps Centers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida. One Independent Study Program in partnership with Arbor Education and Training, located in El Centro, CA.