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About Us

The E-Collaborative for Civic Education’s mission is to leverage technology (internet communications technology, small media, social networks, television and radio, mobile phones, e-learning classroom platforms, etc.) to promote democracy and human rights internationally.

ECCE strives to provide to individuals of all ages in repressive or transitioning political systems civic education opportunities concerning:

  • Citizens’ rights and responsibilities in a democracy
  • Justice, accountability, and the rule of law
  • Democratic constitutions and institutions
  • Civic activism and robust civil societies
  • Journalism, freedom of expression and free access to information
  • Women’s rights
  • Minority rights

ECCE's flagship project, Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society, was launched on May 17, 2010, with a mission to support active citizenship and civic leaderhsip in Iran through a secure, Persian/English e-learning platform. In addition to self-taught and instructor-led e-courses, the learning portal features video interviews with prominent Iranian and international activists, case stuies on civic movements for human rights and democracy worldwide, translations of democracy classics and texts written by Iranian civic leaders, an annotated e-library of Persian and English resources, and outreach to various branches of Iranian civil society, not to mention international civic activists, via robust social networks. Tavaana was quickly and enthustiastically received as a much-needed safe space for the exchange of knowledge on how Iranians can amplify their civic voice and peacefully build democratic political life.

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