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Volunteer recruitment is now open for the 2014/2015 season Falls Creek Volunteer Hawkweed Eradication Survey Program.

Hawkweeds are a highly invasive pest plant species which can cause major environmental damage in alpine & sub-alpine areas of Australia if not eradicated early. Participating in the Falls Creek Volunteer surveys is a great way to help protect the Victorian Alps from this dangerous weed, as well as a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the magnificent alpine environment during the green summer months.

Volunteers will be required to survey the Alpine National Park walking 7 hours per day over 5 days through tough terrain. Accommodation, breakfast and snacks are provided.

Please view our website which has the dates for each survey session:


Please post this on any social media, forum, newsletter, website, blog or notice board that may attract interested volunteers.

If you, your friends, family or colleagues would like to attend or have any further questions, please contact Yohanna Aurisch our Volunteers Co-ordinator via email: yohanna.aurisch@parks.vic.gov.au or hawkweed@parks.vic.gov.au