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About Us

SolidarityNYC connects, supports, and promotes New York City’s solidarity economy. We’re a collective of organizers and academics who promote, connect, and support New York City’s solidarity economy. Solidarity economy practices utilize values of justice, democracy, cooperation, and mutualism to meet community needs. Our collective renders these practices visible, through mapping and filmmaking, and brings the sectors of the solidarity economy into greater cooperation with each other for enhanced economic and political power through education, organizing, and research. 

Our vision is a vibrant and growing movement to provide greater economic security, improved health, and increased democracy for our communities.

We hope to:

1. Make the strong solidarity economy practices that already exist in New York City visible. (Check out our map and our films.)

2. Bring the various sectors of the solidarity economy into conversation with each other for collaboration and mutual benefit. We want to build both economic and political power.

3. Grow the solidarity economy by driving more traffic into existing initiatives while inspiring and supporting the development of new ones.

4. Create democratic and cooperative cultures to replace those of competition and hierarchy which characterize corporate capitalism. It isn’t enough to just have a “green” business or “social” enterprise–we have to radically change the way we relate to each other and the purpose of economic activity.

5. Bridge gaps between social justice grassroots economic community development movements.