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HRU Yuya Assaan-Anu is an Educator, Watcher, Participant, Artist, Journeyman, Communicator, Motivator, Guide, and perpetual Student. HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU has created an approach to social/educational engineering that transcends scores of commonly accepted notions of the potentiality of self/community development, by embracing and implementing a holistically/culturally conceived method of teaching, communicating, facilitating self directed learning experiences, and uncovering inner artistic expression that remains accessible and relevant. He's a communally acknowledged warrior scholar, who has presented a pioneering body of work that spans inventive, academic, spiritual, entrepreneurial, and environmental arenas and has cleared the way for a cadre of artist, educators, youth activist, and community leaders to operate and present their gifts and talents boldly under his guidance and pedagogy.

Mr. Assaan-ANU has also served as Head Dean of Students for a High School/GED program in Newark, N.J. by the name of Youth Build Newark, Site coordinator for NJA3 programs in the same region (where he coordinated camp site overnight excursions for 3rd-8th grade students through the "Vacamas Programs for Youth"), Dean of Discipline for a Bronx High School, as an Educational Staff Developer for schools throughout New York facing challenges prototypical of resource deprived inner city localities, and as an Americorps community service administrator for a roster of 30 volunteers.

In 2006 Hru contracted 93 acres of land outside of Richmond Virginia through a partnership with a local goat/organic farmer for the purpose of establishing a campsite in which he hopes to bring urban youth to engage and initiate in core Rites of Passage experiences and to explore authentic/transformative dialogue in a more rural/natural setting. This site will also serve as a future host for an exchange student program that Hru Assaan is currently contracting with local officials.

Hru also hopes to impart his wisdom in the Martial Sciences as a Black Belt in a Mixed Martial Arts system, share his research on the psychosomatic impact of sound and therapeutic qualities of music, and continue to spread the ancient knowledge systems of indigenous people and root cultures. Over the past 15 years HRU Yuya Assaan has acquired and demonstrated mastery level command in Martial Arts, Music Composition/Recording/Production, Educational reform, Classroom Management, Curriculum design, Program Administration, and Community creation/activism. He's taught communities of educators and social workers the obscure complexities of working with disenfranchised youth in under-served areas, Gang Awareness/Affiliation annulment, Rites of Passage (Male/Female/Adult/Youth), Multi-Cultural syllabus inclusion into an educational/ethnically diverse environment. Hru has also worked with ATI programs (Alternative to Incarceration), Reformatory Pre-Release programs, Half-Way houses, Community Centers, Vocational programs, and other state and local level institutions of change.

In 2009 HRU founded the Anu Nation, spiritual/cultural collective which meets weekly for services and study group, and currently serves the organizations congregation as Chief Jegna.

"I embrace the Sankofa philosophical initiative and affirm in order to go forward to a victorious future, we must, embody the greatness of OUR collective past and scrutinize the mistakes of OUR Ancestors and apply this 'innerstanding' to our existing reality to bring about healing for OUR ailing come-unity".