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About Us

Cornerstone Family Programs (CFP), a private non-profit organization, offers over twenty innovative programs that provide counseling, education, advocacy and support to over 7,000 children, families and seniors in the community. CFP was founded in 1813 as the Female Charitable Society and is one of the oldest social service agencies in Morris County and in the United States. The Society was formed by a group of women interested in helping the needy in the Morristown area, particularly the widows and children suffering the impact of the War of 1812. Since 1813, CFP has remained a vital part of the community – working with families to change lives. For nearly 200 years, Cornerstone Family Programs has continued the mission of strengthening the community by empowering individuals and families to meet and overcome life’s challenges. Within our mission, we concentrate on prevention and early intervention in four strategic areas to make an impact on our communities by:

  • Giving children the best start in life with programs that focus on improved social and emotional well-being, parenting, early childhood education, grief counseling, family support and resources;
  • Keeping older adults independent and in their homes through social day centers, caregiver respite, in-home case-management, financial literacy and programs for the blind and visually impaired;
  • Building and maintaining healthy families by helping them cope with everyday challenges of stress, anxiety, parenting concerns, marital issues, and the unique concerns of Military families;
  • Preventing substance abuse in families and communities through education.