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About Us

Drishtee, as the name suggests, is a vision; that of Connecting India Village by Village. This connectivity is happening through the creation a rural network of local entrepreneurs that provide critical goods and services throughout rural India. Drishtee and its entrepreneurs, using a franchise and partnership model to develop village kiosks, are bringing jobs, wealth creation, and much needed access to rural India. The typical kiosk leverages the latest ICT technology, and in addition to providing goods (eyeglasses, agricultural products, books, lighting, cell phones, etc.) and services (healthcare, microfinance, e-government, education, information), increasingly offers access to outside markets through business process outsourcing (BPO) work and Drishtee’s own sales portal, Drishtee Haat.

Through a low cost, direct delivery network, Drishtee has created significant cost and time savings for villagers, and provided an effective channel for enterprises to sell products and services. Drishtee’s entrepreneurship model has created local employment opportunities, especially for women, and is slowing rural migration to the cities and building confidence and hope for the future within rural communities.

The Drishtee network has over 1600 entrepreneurs spread over several states in India such as Uttar Pradesh (North India), Assam (East India), Haryana (West India), Orissa (East India), Tamil Nadu (South India), Uttaranchal (North India), Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh (N.E. India) that serve more than 1.5 million.