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Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

About Us

Liberty Global | Asia’s goal is to provide new solutions to change the way slavery and trafficking is addressed. 

We are working on projects that address the systemic constraints of anti-trafficking and slavery work in terms of limited availability of data and understanding of the problem, absent effective use of technology and legal expertise in the field, and lacking engagement with financial institutions and businesses on their duties to control risk and money laundering from forced labor. 

Rather than using limited resources on feel good programs or peddling tragic victim tales, we spend our time and resources on making the exploitation of people more difficult and the environment of vulnerable migrants more certain.

Where possible, we will work with existing organizations to avoid duplication and to ensure resources are used efficiently.

Liberty Global | Asia is a Hong Kong registered charitable organization under Share (Asia Pacific) Limited. You can check out our sister charity Project Share's profile on idealist working on related issues.