Peoples' Self-Help Housing

  • CA


3533 Empleo Street
San Luis Obispo
United States

About Us

The mission of Peoples' Self-Help Housing is to provide affordable housing and programs leading to self-sufficiency for low-income families, seniors and other special needs groups on California's Central Coast.

Peoples' Self-Help Housing has developed almost 3,000 residential units for low-income households in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. Founded in 1970, PSHH has helped 1,200 families build their first home through the self-help 'sweat equity' model, and has developed over 1,700 residential rental units. On site, we provide daily after-school education programs for 300 children and supportive social programs leading to self-sufficiency and greater quality of life for 6,000 residents in 28 communities. We also sponsor workshops that teach financial literacy, foreclosure prevention, and first time homeownership education.