Open Hearts Foundation

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3380 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles
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About Us

The Open Hearts Foundation supports organizations that are committed to positively impacting lives in the areas of health, education, arts and sports. Those who give selflessly in the face of life’s challenges represent the Open Hearts Philosophy. Their stories are the motivating force that carries our mission to communities worldwide.

Living with an Open Heart allows you to overcome adversity and create something positive in your life and the lives of others. The philosophy of the Open Heart was originally inspired by Jane Seymour’s artwork. Every time she painted a heart it was open, and when there were two or more, they were always connected.

Jane realized the Open Heart image mirrored her mother’s advice – that love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally. In the face of life’s challenges, if your heart is open it can never stay broken and love will always find its way in. This message is the inspiration behind the Open Hearts Foundation, providing a platform to honor those who embody the Open Heart Philosophy.