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About Us

Support disadvantaged students in Duval County Middle and High Schools in their academic efforts, leading to their graduation and entrance into advanced academic institutions. Provide coaching, mentoring, tutoring and enable these select students to access a variety of financial aid programs as they enter college.

Who We Are: Duval County's Take Stock in Children organization is part of the larger Florida Take Stock in Children, Inc., a statewide nonprofit organization serving low-income, academically qualified, Middle School and High School students . These students, with parental support, are committed to achieving educational excellence during their secondary school years, graduating from High School, entering higher education institutions in the state and receiving a degree in higher education.


Our Students: TSIC students accepted into the rigorous program are highly motivated, academically qualified, and responsible, accountable young people. Still, some of these students find themselves challenged by the academic demands of their school year, particularly in the subject areas of Math, English and Reading. TSIC  volunteers have an invaluable and proven role in providing direct, one-on-one support to these students who are eager to master their more challenging subjects.


TSIC's Track Record: Since its inception in the early 1990's, the organization has served 24,000 low-income, at risk children throughout 67 of the state's counties.  96% of TSIC's students graduate from high school. Their college enrollment rate is 59% higher than Florida's state-wide average, and 29% higher than their youth and student peer group who remain underserved by TSIC and similar organizations. The Duval County organization has prepared more than 1,000 scholars for a future that includes post-secondary education, and higher earning potential in successful careers.





Please contact TSIC College Success Coach Jeff Tranovich to volunteer as a TSIC Tutor:


Phone: 904.338.5890

Email: jtranovich@takestockjax.org


Additional information on the many facets of the TSIC organization is available at takestockjax.org