Love Yourself Project

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132 Montague St. Suite 4
Brooklyn, NY
United States

About Us

We exist to inspire people to build a strong relationship to the self, mindfully creating a future with loving regard for all living beings and the environment; ultimately, manifesting a humanity that declares itself unwavering in its commitment to peace, loving-kindness, compassion and harmony.

Beginning Nov 19, 2010, the Love Yourself team took to the streets and subways of New York City greeting people with messages of kindness and love, distributing over 500 "Love Yourself" stickers and hand-folded hearts, and encouraged people to engage in a conversation about self-love. Since then, similar events have been held in Pakistan, Paris, Luxembourg, West Africa, Florida, The Netherlands, MA. and Australia. We currently have distributed over 500,000 stickers.

In 2011, the Project began working with children at The Earth School in NYC. Team members helped youngsters (ages 5-12) make origami hearts and facilitated discussions about what it means to ‘love yourself’. The origami hearts were featured in the “1,000 Hearts” Exhibition.

To create the “1,000 Hearts” exhibition, the team collected 1,000 hand-folded origami hearts from people all around the world. Participants wrote something they love about themselves and folded the paper into a heart. The hearts and messages were presented both visually and aurally. Messages from the project are being posted via Twitter every day for 1,000 days @LoveYourselfNYC. and soon 5000 in 2015.

The Love Yourself Project has hosted: The Festival of New Ideas with The New Museum in NYC., Untapped Love (lower Manhattan business to find out how they give back to the community.) 2010-12, educational events with Rush Arts Educational Program, NYC, Slyfest - The Good Neighborhood Project, Hannah Senesh School, Carol Gardens Brooklyn , Safe Horizon Organization, NYC, Taap at Fashion Industry High School NY, Nest School East Village, Flow12- Randall’s Island Park, Governors Island- Figment 2012-13, 2011-13, feeding the homeless, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Grand Street Settlement NYC, Interim House, Providence RI., 2014 Barnes and Noble, Coalition for Hispanic Family Health Fair, Brooklyn Museum, Academy of Young Writes East NY, Children’s Workshop School NYC, Women’s Wellness Day and Jackie Robinson / Central Park East Middle School.

With the help of others and our commitment to changing the way we think about ourselves, we invite you to create an event in your country, neighborhood and schools.