Root Foundation

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About Us

We provide start-up funding and planning expertise to qualified emerging schools in rural areas of developing nations, schools that serve students from poor families and that provide training in character development necessary for social and economic development.

Philosophy: Root Foundation is built on a number of vitally important principles, to which all board members, staff, and volunteers are devoted.

An advancing civilization depends upon education of its people, both in essential skills (e.g. literacy, math and arts) and personal virtues (e.g. cooperation, honesty, service, and upright conduct). Root Foundation believes that skills and virtues can be nurtured among young children in school settings, and is dedicated to the development of institutions that share this philosophy.

Root Foundation provides the means for the people of the materially-developed world to share their wealth and educational benefits with others in their human family.

Root Foundation believes it has a responsibility to actively nurture newly founded schools and that active nurturing requires strong leadership and vigilant oversight of potential and actively funded projects.

What we do

  • We give scholarships to rural area village children attending private schools that offer character development as part of the curriculum.
  • We provide startup funding and resources to rural area schools for the development of Pre-K, Kindergarten, and/or primary schools that offer character development as part of the curriculum.