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About Us

Education Evolving (EE) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on advancing student-centered learning, in particular for students who are underserved. We do this through our work in two primary areas:

  • Supporting teams of teachers who secure collective autonomy to design and lead student-centered learning in teacher-powered schools.
  • Advocating for state policy that enables, supports, and encourages a climate of innovation in public education.

We believe that bold innovations in student-centered learning and larger professional roles for teachers should happen along with efforts to continuously improve traditional school. Both are important, and should by done side-by-side in a “split screen”. Change shouldn't be mandated from the top-down; rather, the system changes organically as innovations are gradually tried, refined, adopted, and replicated.

EE has a long history of making change in public education. We were instrumental in shaping the nation’s first public school choice and charter school laws in Minnesota, and have assisted with such laws in more than 20 other states. We helped bring the concepts of personalized learning and blended learning to the forefront of the K-12 debate, in particular through the best-selling book, Disrupting Class. We have researched, assisted, and advocated for “teacher-led schools” for over 35 years, and are now advancing teacher leadership through the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative. Last year, we convened a coalition which worked to pass a new “Innovation Zone” law in Minnesota for schools trying new approaches to learning.