Universities Fighting World Hunger - U of MN Chapter

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About Us

Hunger: Perhaps the most basic of all sustainability and social justice issues.

The U of MN chapter of Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH-UM) was founded in the fall of 2009. Our mission is to raise awareness and develop consciousness of hunger issues. We are committed to making the alleviation of hunger a core value of the University of Minnesota. One in every six people in the world is hungry; this is a domestic as well as a global issue. But UFWH shares a message of hope: hunger is a solvable issue.

As individuals, we come to care about the world's hungry for different reasons. For some, hunger may represent: - a profound moral issue... - a mandate of faith... - a belief that solving this puzzle called hunger will create a more stable world.

Whatever the reason, we join others who share our passion and TOGETHER we become part of the solution.