Kids Uganda

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About Us

Vision: to develop a healthy, well educated society with a high quality life.

Mission:to carry out advocacy work, promote early childhood and adolescents’ development, fight health hazards and illiteracy through performing arts and sports.

Programmes: Digital literacy which include such activities as: dramatizing educational, social and economic issues into movie or edutainment stage drama skits or documentaries i.e.:

a)Awolwatuuka: Oral traditional folk story telling is a folk school program developed from the genre of oral traditional story telling dramatized into 15 minutes’ T.V Programs purposely to educate the T.V. generation that missed the genre of intellectual folk stories that groomed our fore parents into obedient, hardworking and good citizens of this country.

b)Novelse.g.:Ebbanjaly'Obutonde: A novel that exposes the immoral practices that go on inside our homes children rarely tell e.g., premature sexual relationships among children with respected members of the family, defilement, rape, hazardous abortion and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

c)Moviese.g.:Sweet Enemy: A movie partiary financed by UNESCO which exposes the promiscuous behaviors where children born HIV positive date fellow pupils/students, teachers and other members of the community. Something which makes school communities, the leading groups in the spread of HIV.

ii.The sour Challenges: A moviein the making to fights stigma and discrimination which encourages parents to open up with school administrators about children on ARV medication.

d)Uganda Nursery Music festival, Uganda Nursery Sports Gala and the Kids Uganda community soccer academy where edutainment programmes on health hazards are communicated, Play Day:The families get together and play cerebrations.

And many other activities directed to the same purpose as education i.e.:Producing education material for use in schools.