Action for Children in Crisis International Inc.

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About Us



BACKGROUND: Action for Children in Crisis International (ACCI) is a non-political, non-religious and non-governmental child development and youth empowerment organization. ACCI was founded in 2008 from an efforts  inspired by a former Liberian street child survival , the courage, resilience, and strength that help many children to endure the unthinkable situations on the streets and that give hope to the country as it moves forward in the rebuilding efforts.

ACCI mission is to develop and improve mechanisms of educational support to children and young people; and to combat all forms of violence and abuses against children; and will work to transform highly vulnerable children and youth lives; preserve families; empower communities and give each of them a voice. We put children at a very heart of everything we do and will be fearless and tenacious in defending and promoting their rights.

VISION: A world where no child is forced to live on the street of which we build on the core strength of Children, their families and communities to create dignity, belonging and justice for ALL.

Principles AND VALUES
ACCI Liberia cherishes the following principles and values:
a. Full participation of all children
b. Empowerment of children and youth via education and vocational training
c. Adherence to child rights protection of all children
d. Accountability and transparency
e. All child having equal rights and access
f.  No discrimination
g. Best interest of the child
h. Education for all children
i. And no child left behind


Action for Children in Crisis International as a local volunteer nonprofit organization received it funding from contributions made by its Board members; and funds are also received through commercial power supplies to the people within the Zayzay community, Paynesville. The organization purchased a 25 KVA generator in early 2015 as a means of raising funds to support the organization mission.