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About Us

Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) is an independent, national non-profit policy and education organization that works toward American energy independence by creating and implementing a national fuel and technology neutral strategy to advance clean vehicle goals and policies.

To meet its mission, since 1999, TEP has worked closely with and continues to provide policy support to the nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions and their 18,000 stakeholders that are part of the Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities program.

TEP is not affiliated with the Department of Energy.

Since 2006, TEP annually convenes an Energy Independence Summit. During the Summits, the nation’s Clean Cities leaders and industry stakeholders meet in Washington, DC, to educate federal policy makers about the benefits of the Clean Cities program and the need for additional tools and resources to overcome barriers to the widespread use of clean vehicles and fuels. As a result of our efforts, Congress has significantly increased the level of funding for the deployment of clean vehicles, fuels and infrastructure.