Healing Touch Overseas

About Us

Healing Touch Overseas is a non-profit organization located in Ghana, West Africa. It aims to provide enriching volunteer experiences that benefit the underprivileged populations in the town of Kasoa Accra while creating a warm and welcoming introduction to the country of Ghana for those who know little about it.

HTO has a diverse pool of service sites ranging from orphanages to newspapers to hospitals. Volunteers choose their service site based on their interests and are given the opportunity to create and facilitate their own projects during their stay.This is not your average volunteer program. HTO is flexible, accommodating and truly hospitable.

While in Kasoa Accra, volunteers are invited to live with host families who are dedicated t o providing their guests with an authentic experience of every-day life in Ghana. Volunteers are treated as part of the family and cherished as part of the community. In addition to the many opportunities at service sites, volunteers are also taken on several guided tours of famous sites in Ghana.Volunteers are provided with Coordinators in their home countries and at their service sites in Kasoa Accra.

This is a truly remarkable experience that leaves volunteers feeling accomplished, satisfied in knowing they have made a true difference in the quality of life for others and enthralled with their discovery of Ghana: the land flowing with gold and filled with love.

HTO has no political or religious affiliations. Our organization is registered with the Registrar General’s Department of the Peoples Republic of Ghana (G-25,889). Healing Touch Overseas is also recognized and registered by the Department of Social Welfare as an NGO in Ghana, West-Africa (DSW 4098).

On behalf of our dedicated and committed staff, we introduce to you Healing Touch Overseas!