Extra-Ordinary Birthdays Inc.

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P.O. Box 1109
College Park
United States

About Us

Extra-Ordinary Birthdays is a nonprofit that creates and provides birthday parties for homeless children in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Extra-Ordinary Birthdays strives to give that special day back to those families living in shelters that otherwise would not have the means to celebrate their child’s birthday. Every child, especially children living without many of the things that we count on ...sleeping in the same bed each night, breakfast on the table, safety in the home... needs to know that their birthday is special, and that their growth matters. We work with the parents and area shelters to make personalized birthday celebrations possible. Every celebration includes: Set-up, decorations and supplies, hethy party snacks & cake, fun and games as well as a gift for the birthday child. Through the celebration of each child’s birthday, we become part of a wonderful opportunity to create a moment that will become a positive part of their lifetime of memories. Our vision is a community that recognizes the transformative power of birthday celebrations for homeless children, one that empowers their caregivers, and inspires moments of joy & happiness in the lives of homeless families.