Foster Parrots, Ltd

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87 Woodville Alton Road
Rhode Island
United States

About Us

Foster Parrots, Ltd. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and sanctuary of unwanted, languishing and abused captive parrots and other displaced exotics. Through educational initiatives we seek to bring wider public awareness to captive parrot issues and to help raise standards of care for domestically kept parrots.

By concentrating our focus on parrots, we are extending a vital service to a commercially marketed "pet" that begins its journey at a disadvantage simply by virtue of its wild nature. By opening our doors to other exotic wild animals that also suffer as "pets" or in captive situations, we are placing parrots in their proper context along side other wild animals, reminding people that this is, in fact, what parrots are.

A staunch advocate for parrots as wild animals, Foster Parrots has established a conservation project in the South American country of Guyana that has helped protect parrots and other wildlife since 2004, and we are currently undertaking the Hatched to Fly Free initiative in Costa Rica.

Foster Parrots, Ltd. is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. We are a proud member of The Avian Welfare Coalition and are honored to be a WSPA Society member.