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What is "Care Coordination"? Care Coordination is a project of Communities In Schools-Central Texas, Inc. This project is funded and managed by the Travis County YFAC (Youth and Family Assessment Center). Care Coordination involves families from identified AISD schools in the wraparound approach to service delivery.

What is wraparound? Wraparound is a strengths-based model of social service delivery that offers the entire family support to meet their goals. A Child and Family Team is created by the parent/primary caregiver and the Care Coordinator, which typically includes a school representative, service providers, family members, a neighbor or friend, and others. This team meets regularly to develop and implement a Plan Of Care, which defines the family's needs, strengths, goals, and planned interventions. The team can use a network of service providers, including therapists, mentors, parent coaches, case managers, and others to assist the family.