Chicago Leadership and Service for Inner City Youth

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United States

About Us

We are a new startup organization that will help address the challenges facing inner city urban communities by recruiting and inspiring adolescents from low income neighborhoods to solve problems in their own community.

The goal is to develop youth into leaders who will create successful community service projects in the short term, and who will also create a significant impact in their community in the future.

More specifically, the program works as follows. High school students with a potential solution to an important problem in their community may apply to the program, and if accepted will be provided with support, expertise, and funding to aid in implementing his/her project. For example, a student who feels gang violence is a major problem in his/her community could propose starting a violence prevention program for middle school kids, or a student who realizes diabetes is a problem in his/her community could propose a glucose screening program. In addition, students will have mentors, and leadership activities will take place throughout the year to develop their leadership skills.

We have many other unique aspects of our program that have resulted in over 60 interested volunteers just in the last few months. We are always looking for passionate people who are willing to volunteer their time and contribute to this cause.