The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

  • NY


309 Genesee Street
United States

About Us

We are Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees.

We promote the well-being of culturally diverse individuals and families within our community by welcoming our new neighbors, refugees and immigrants, and by providing individual and community-centered activities designed to create opportunity and facilitate understanding.

We Aid Immigrants…

by enabling individuals and communities to promote and sustain their cultural identity.

We Aid Refugees…

by providing people displaced by persecution with a
 renewed certainty of home and life.

We Aid Our Community…

by forging cultural competence and by building bridges 
within the community.

We Offer…

a combination of programs and services that:

  • Teach refugees practical life skills that enhance their ability to integrate into the community.
  • Build individual and community capacity to integrate our new neighbors into the local Utica community.
  • Foster an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance through the engagement of individual clients, the refugee/immigrant community and the local community.

Our services include…

  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Refugee Health and Family
  • Services and Referrals
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Cultural Competence Training
  • English as a Second Language
  • Employment
  • Technical Assistance
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Cultural Events