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Parenting---Character Education--Personal Growth--Peacemaking. WisdomCommons.org is a new, free interactive website about the values or character virtues that secular and religious wisdom traditions agree on. To build bridges, the site seeks to elevate universal ethics, sometimes called our shared moral core. It provides a place to find and discuss information about virtues that human beings generally agree are important like generosity, compassion and courage. Through discussion threads and by creating their own personal Wisdom Page, members can join a deeper dialogue about ethics and about the specific virtues featured on the site. As we add features, members will be able to use their Wisdom Page to create a gift book, cards or mementos that includes quotes and stories they find powerful. Tangible items like these give people more ways to share their deeply held values with others. A recent Parent Map article provides tips for parents on how to take advantage of the Wisdom Commons in raising moral kids. The Wisdom Commons is the latest initiative of the Women's Bioethics Project and the Common Wisdom Project.