Children of China Pediatrics Foundation

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About Us

CCPF provides direct medical treatment for children with disabilities and deformities living in Chinese orphanages.

CCPF’s Medical Board is comprised of doctors affiliated with some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals.

CCPF Medical Teams are made up of all-volunteer physicians and nurses who perform life transforming surgeries on children in need. Its medical professionals work closely with their Chinese counterparts to share and impart best practices and coordinate post operative care.

Thousands of children remain in Chinese orphanages because medical conditions or other disabilities make them “less likely” to be adopted. With your help, these children can receive life transforming surgeries. Please join the CCPF family of supporters, volunteers and medical professionals who have had their own lives transformed through their participation in CCPF. Find out how you can help by making a donation or contacting CCPF at

Children of China Pediatrics Foundation is a tax-exempt, not for profit, publicly supported charity qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.