Healthy Start Academy

  • North Carolina


807 West Chapel Hill Street
North Carolina
United States

About Us

Located in a historic building in the West End neighborhood of downtown Durham, North Carolina, Healthy Start Academy is an independent charter school, founded 20 years ago by members of the Durham community. Healthy Start Academy was the first school charter school to open its doors in 1997, leading the movement for school choice in North Carolina. HSA will serves approximately 400 students from across the Durham and surrounding counties in grades K-8, the vast majority of whom qualify for free and reduced-price lunch. The school leaders believe students must be balanced and healthy to succeed in high school, college, and life. Faculty and staff focus on rigorous academics, physical fitness, and social-emotional learning to prepare scholars for high school, and by doing so, provide them with the diverse experiences necessary for achievement in the 21st century.


Mission and Vision

Healthy Start Academy's mission is to prepare K-8 students to succeed in high school through rigorous academics, physical fitness, and social-emotional learning.


The vision is that Healthy Start Academy will be an A-rated K-8 charter school of approximately 450 students. Graduating scholars will leave prepared for success in selective private high schools or to participate in Honors and AP track courses in traditional public and charter high schools. Healthy Start Academy will be recognized as a model across the state of how to effectively integrate rigorous academics with physical fitness and social-emotional learning.