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The Noyaa Association


The Noyaa Association is committed to a preparatory, progressive co-education serving students ages three-17 in an intervention-based program.

Our curriculum is strategically designed to provide a baseline education for street children in the coastal community of Jamestown, Accra. Our intervention curriculum prepares our students to read competently and critically, reason logically and learn basic mathematics in order to transfer them into a local government school at Level Six JHS.


Unlike other intervention based schools, Noyaa's approach to education is progressive and dynamic. Outside of traditional academia, we have designed and implemented an arts and culture curriculum that focus on theatre, dance, art, music and creative writing. We believe that this program promotes self-confidence, critical thinking and exposes the students to alternative vocations.

Lastly, at Noyaa we are commited to focusing our resources on effective school health and promoting physical and mental well being. Therefore, we provide nutrient-rich, traditional Ghanaian dishes for the students and have designed a curriculum explaining both the health values and other benefits of these meals. We have also instituted a "parents as partners" program, in which we invite families, faculty and staff to weekly community empowerment meetings where we discuss a range of issues effecting the Jamestown community. We invite experts to speak about nutrition, early childhood development, domestic abuse and public health prevention and awareness methods.