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美中创新联盟是由中美多家知名创新机构发起成立的,致力于推动中美创新合作的非营利组织501(c)(3)。其使命是广泛联络美国创新机构和资源,搭建中美创新与投资高层次交流对接平台,推动研究机构、孵化器、加速器和风险投资机构间的合作,为中国企业、机构投资美国创新技术和产品,以及美国创新技术公司寻求中国投资、对接中国先进制造能力、进入中国市场提供服务。具体工作主要包括: 策划并组织实施 “中美创新与投资对接大会”, “InnoSTARS中美创新创业大赛”,组织 “美国高技术企业中国巡回路演”、“中国机构美国投资对接”,为国内高技术企业、园区和相关机构推荐人才与项目。

The US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) which was established by several well-known, pioneering Chinese and American organizations to promote innovative cooperation between China and the United States.

Its mission is the establishment of extensive interaction with groundbreaking American institutions and resources in order to stimulate an advanced level of exchange and joint cooperation platforms for innovation and investment between United States. and China. This will, on the one hand, promote cooperation among research institutions, incubators, accelerators and venture capital in order to encourage Chinese enterprises and institutions to invest in innovative technologies and products in the United States, while on the other hand, incite inventive American technology businesses to seek investment in China, connect with China's advanced manufacturing capacity, and ultimately enter the Chinese market to provide their services.

UCIA’s main tasks include: planning and organizing the US China Innovation and Investment Summit, the InnoSTARS Competition, arranging the Roadshow in China for U.S. tech companies, matchmaking between Chinese investment and American institutions, recommending and bringing talents and technologies to Chinese tech businesses, industrial parks and related organizations.

美中创新联盟是由中美多家知名创新机构发起成立的,致力于推动中美创新合作的非营利组织501(c)(3)。其使命是广泛联络美国创新机构和资源,搭建中美创新与投资高层次交流对接平台,推动研究机构、孵化器、加速器和风险投资机构间的合作,为中国企业、机构投资美国创新技术和产品,以及美国创新技术公司寻求中国投资、对接中国先进制造能力、进入中国市场提供服务。具体工作主要包括: 策划并组织实施 “中美创新与投资对接大会…


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