Kahama Paralegal Aid Organization(KAPAO)

  • Shinyanga Region


37301 KIL
Shinyanga Region

About Us


                         P.O Box 517,


                       Website: www.kapao.or.tz

 Vision

To reduce the gender disparities in all legal matters,as well as access to social services, ownership of economic resources and access to reproductive health services.

 Mission

To educate the general public in shinyanga and country wide (Tanzania) on the hum rights and Legal rights .So to have equal rights and justice society.

 Objectives 

1. To provide legal aid among the women, children, people living with HIV/AIDS, disabled, elder and people.

2. To conduct research on policies and laws affecting women, children, disabled, elder and people living with HIV/AIDS, with the aim of using the findings as tool for advocating their rights.

3. Advocate and promote for the increase in youths equal access to opportunities and control over resources at the family.

4. To raise awareness about the importance of girl’s child protection and enhance capacities of communities, local governments and government to strengthen safety nets.

5. To discourage bad beliefs and practices that affect women, grandmothers, children, disabled, and poor people in Tanzania particularly kahama area.

6. To raise awareness on human rights and legal aid to the public through seminars, workshops, , performance, radio programs, printing and disseminating materials on women and children rights for purposes of creating Gender equality. 

 Target Beneficiaries

All community members especially Women and Children

 Membership


 Areas(s)of work/Focus

Education, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Research, Good governance

 Summary of Activities

Providing Legal aid, Research and documentation, mass education and public awareness, Human rights, children protection, capacity building, advocacy, Hosting seminars and workshop, lobbying, HIV/AIDS awareness.

     Contact Person (s):   Hamis Mgoya

                     T: +255 767 994457/+255 714 706772/255 766 467362

                     E: kahamaparalegal@gmail.com

                     Box 517,Kahama,Tanzania