Youth Institute of Science & Technology

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Agogo & Ejisu-Abenase


About Us

The Youth Institute of Science & Technology is an international school based in Ejisu-Abenase and Agogo, Asante Akyem, Ghana. The mission of the Youth Institute of Science and Technology is to ensure that students learn those skills necessary to become productive and thinking individuals who strive to do their best. The Youth Institute of Science and Technology develops the leadership and communal power of students through the integration and application of a science, mathematics, health and technology based curriculum. YIST enables students to explore technology, science, mathematics and leadership with confidence through a variety of educational formats including after-school programs, Saturday camps, summer camps, E-Learning and the University Bound Program.

Senior High School

Our year-round SHS academic program consists of two components. During the three term school year students take classes in Math, Science, History, Technology, SAT preparation, Health, Foreign Language, and Sustainable Development. Students also attend a six-week summer component that provides intense instruction for high school participants in a residential college experience. The aim of both components is to enhance skills in language arts, mathematics, laboratory science, and foreign language. The program also provides academic and career counseling, postsecondary orientation and preparation; and a variety of motivational and cultural enrichment activities.

Junior High School

YIST-Middle School educational program help youth develop skills through hands-on collaborative learning. YIST academic programs encourage students to pursue further studies in math, science, technology & engineering and support the early development of talent necessary to meet the demands of a high-tech workforce & entrepreneurial needs of the future.

YIST makes a distinctive, concerted effort to motivate girls to consider career opportunities in the sciences. The Girls Institute of Science & Technology encourages girls (starting at Pre-K) to understand the natural world and provide a multidisciplinary. Primary School

Primary School

YIST-Primary School educational program aims to stimulate pupils’ curiosity in the world around them and encourage critical and creative thinking. Our goal at YIST is to create a foundation for science at the primary level. To fulfill these aims, pupils need to acquire knowledge and the skills of scientific inquiry: identifying questions that can be addressed scientifically; planning and carrying out experiments; evaluating data; and recognizing the limitations of their own and others’ work.