TahDah Foundation

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2025 Pioneer Court
San Mateo
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About Us

Founded in 2016, the TahDah Foundation believes that every young person deserves to have access to resources and opportunities that support their learning, growth and development. Our efforts focus on impacting K -12 and young adults who are differently-abled, special needs and/or at-risk youth in schools, after-school programs, summer camps, homeless shelters and community-based organizations. As a young and growing foundation, we have supported access to effective empowerment programs to over 1,000 children and families throughout California and NY. 

We know that as funding and access to holistic arts and education continues to decrease for children, our work is critical and increasingly more important -- it is an exciting time to engage with us. We intend to attract and collaborate with more partners and funders to build our grantmaking ability, share more stories about what works and why, and deepen the collective understanding of how holistic arts and education can facilitate children’s abilities to reach their highest potential.