Centre Fagaru - Ecotourism, Biodiversity Conservation and Cultural Heritage

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About Us

Centre Fagaru is a nature reserve and an Eco-action site. The site is indeed beautiful. An old sacred grove covers half of the land property of 30 hectares. The taboos and myths surrounding this tiny little place have contributed to the preservation of a unique natural forest, one of the last remaining biological hotspots of the region. Heavily forested with a large number of plant and animal species the old sacred grove is one of the last refuges for a number of endangered species of animals and plants such as the Red colobus (Procolobus badius temmincki), an endangered primate species threatened by the destruction of the tropical forests gallery which constitute its natural habitat.

Centre Fagaru is therefore designed as an interpretive site and it provides an ideal setting for nature-based tourism, educational travel, conferences and study abroad programmes. The strategic location of Centre Fagaru within a wider protected stretch of coastal woodlands and nearby sites of ecological and historic importance offers great possibilities for combining biological, educational and recreational resources and activities.

Centre Fagaru is operational with ongoing nature conservation initiatives and basic accommodation facilities to welcome nature travellers and school classes for various experiential programmes. Guests can enjoy the natural surroundings and participate in a variety of guided tours to discover the beautiful scenery of the river delta and the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region

Centre Fagaru is today recognised by The Ministry of Environment as a pilot project of national importance.