La Casa de Escazu and Guanacaste

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Costa Rica

About Us

If you are a person who likes volunteerism, we have the options and alternatives for you to make it real. Community development projects in rural areas, Assisting in Child Care Centers, Teaching English, or in the continuing conservation of our Eco-system. Whatever your interests, we're here to help.

Warm people willing to share with the volunteers surround all of the projects. The volunteers will have time to enjoy our country and learn about our culture.

The host families have been carefully selected to ensure the volunteers will enjoy the most. From the moment you get to the country, the volunteer becomes part of our "TICA" family. She or he will be involved in all the family activities, they will be oriented as to the places to visit or not to visit, they are given a map and complete information on the different bus services.

The most important objective is for the volunteer to go back home feeling pleased for their contribution to the Costa Rican society, and feel pleased with themselves for having done such an important volunteer work, and to fall in love with our COSTA RICA , so they will come back